Safety service

JSC "Tojiksodirotbank" offers you an individual bank safe for secure storage of cash, valuables, securities and documents. Individual safes rent is especially useful when you are away for an extended period of time and are concerned for the safety of the values that are in your home.

The lease term is not limited to bank safes, is set according to your wishes and can always be extended. Safety and anonymity is guaranteed.

Safes, safe deposit boxes have their individual rooms and are equipped with a special lock with two different keys. One key to the client, the second is kept in the bank. Opening and closing the safe is only in conjunction with an employee of the Bank and the Customer.

Terms of rent bank safes:
  • Safe deposit boxes are installed in special storage facilities to which access is strictly limited.
  • The right to use a safety deposit box provided on the basis of the Treaty.
  • Contract safe deposit box rental is made in 2 copies with a passport, with the obligatory registration mark in the community.
  • For registration of safe deposit box rental you need to sign a contract and pay the rent, which depends on the term of the lease.
  • Within the term of the lease the client has access to the safe during the working day and the bank may make withdrawals or additional investment property at no extra charge.
  • Client on the basis of notarized power of attorney can grant the right to use a safety deposit box to another person, as well as to make a testamentary disposition.
  • The Bank is responsible for the integrity safe, guarantees safety, there are values and ensures the secrecy of their storage.
  • Warn customers about the exclusion of flammable, explosive, radioactive, toxic and narcotic substances, weapons without permit for storage and carrying, as well as other objects, possession of which is prohibited by the legislation of the RT.
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