UNISTREAM - is an international money transfer system for individuals.
You can conveniently, quickly and safely send cash in Tajikistan. System coverage UNISTRIM - more than 100 000 service stations in 90 countries.

Advantages of the UNISTREAM system:
  • low cost translation - 1.1% when translated into US dollars at the expense of debit cards issued by JSC "Tojiksodirotbonk" .;
  • simplicity: no need to open a bank account for the sender and recipients of money transfers. All actions on registration of transfer shall operator;
  • Speed: translation is available for 10-15 min after administration;
  • The recipient of the transfer at no cost;
  • safety and reliability.
How to get a money transfer
  1. Have a passport or other identity document.
  2. Specify processing operator control number.
Money transfers currency
  1. Transfers are accepted and paid in cash.
  2. Transfers are made in US dollars, Euro, Russian rubles.
On money transfer system "Unistream" questions, you can contact us by phone: +992 (44) 600-40-45, +992 (44) 600-40-46
Fax: (+ 992-37) 221-46-65
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