Opportunities of our cards

Based on the needs of our clients, we introduce additional services for cardholders, such as:

1. Review of balance through the Internet.
This service will help you at any time to check their current account balance through the Internet site of the bank on the main straniқe. To connect to this service the card holder should write an application for additional services in one of our offices.

2. Connect to the active and passive SMS notification.
This service will help you at any time, be aware of your card operations and its cash flows for your card accounts by receiving on a mobile phone SMS-messages. With this service you are always aware of:
  • Transactions on your card.
  • Operations-off and transfer of funds to the card account.
This service also allows you at any time, with the help of SMS-request to know:
  • Available card balance.
  • Card status.
You can use the SMS-request:
  • block the card
  • unlblock Card
For more information on this service, as well as to connect to the service you can contact the nearest office of the bank.

3. Payment for services providers via ATM
This service is provided at no extra commission. You can pay the following providers:

Mobile operators:

  • Babilon-M
  • TCELL (93)
  • TCELL (92)
  • MegafonTajikitsan
  • BeelineTajikistan
  • TK Mobile
  • Beeline (Kazakhstan)
  • Beeline (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Beeline (Russia)
  • Beeline (Uzbekistan)
  • Beeline (Ukraine)
  • Megafon Russia
  • MegaCom (Kyrgyzstan)
  • MTS (Belarus)
  • MTS (Russia)
  • TELE2
  • NUR Telecom (Kyrgyzstan)
Internet Service Providers:
  • Babilon-T (Internet)
  • Eastera Internet
  • ISP GameLine
NGN telephony:
  • Babilon-T (NGN)
  • Eastera NGN
  • Intercom (NGN)
  • TelecomTech (NGN)
  • TajikTelecom
Satellite TV:
  • NTV +
  • Rainbow TV
  • Tricolor TV
For more information on this service you can contact the nearest office of the bank or contact the Call Center of the bank.

4. Change the PIN at the ATM.
Especially for your convenience, our bank has developed a new service that lets you change the PIN-code of your credit card. The service is available at any time from any ATM of our bank.

5. Request an account statement for the period.
This service allows you to request a card account statement for a certain period by e-mail or at any of the offices of the bank.

6. 24/7 call Centre on plastic cards.
Especially for your convenience, our bank created 24/7 call center that allows you on any questions interesting you contact the bank and receive prompt replies.

7. Recharge card accounts through the Cash-in devices.
Especially for your convenience, our bank has developed a new service through which you can replenish the card account at any time through the ATMs with Cash-in.

8. Transfer of funds from one card to another.
The service allows you to transfer money from your card to another person open in our bank, knowing only card number, even if these cards belong to different payment systems.
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