For small and medium business

OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" examines the work with small and medium-sized enterprises as one of the strategic directions, aims to find the optimal and mutually beneficial ways of cooperation, to provide customers with professional quality banking services. This is why the bank has a program of lending to small and medium-sized businesses through the Bank, in which entrepreneurs can obtain affordable financing for their business development.
We offer favorable credit terms to replenish your working capital and to purchase new equipment.

Terms of the loan:
Term of the application: up to 7 days.

Collateral: pledge taken by real estate, jewelry and other liquid assets.

Conditions: estimated only your business. A business plan is not required.

Major credit conditions:

Total: 100 100 000 dollars.
Interest rate: the rate in US dollars - 2.5% per month, TJS - the rate of 3% per month.

Aims and credit terms: for working capital - up to 12 months; for the acquisition of fixed assets - up to 24 months.

Repayment options:
  • Monthly equal installments
  • According to the schedule, which takes into account features of business
  • At the end of
How to get a loan:

Step 1. Call us at +992 (44) 600-40-56 or contact your nearest branch of the Bank.

Step 2. Talk to our experts convenient credit conditions and get answers to your questions.

Step 3. Prepare necessary for consideration of the loan application documents and make an appointment with a loan officer of the Bank.

Step 4. Show your enterprise credit expert and property offered as collateral.

Basic requirements for the borrower:
  • Business experience of at least 6 months;
  • Business must be located in the city of Dushanbe or regions based on the location of the branches of the Bank;
  • The need to prepare documents;
  • List of documents required to obtain a loan for legal entities;
  • List of documents required to obtain a loan for individual entrepreneurs.
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