Trip credit

Together with the Bank "Russlavbank" of "Todzhiksobirotbank" provides for citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, traveling to work in the Russian Federation, a unique opportunity - to provide "credit Road" with its subsequent repayment in Russia through the Contact.

Repayment conditions in Russia:
  • Redemption in Russia exclusively through the System Contac;
  • Transfer fee for Contact system in the repayment of the loan - 2%, min - 40 rubles, or US $ 1;
  • Having to produce an ID card of the borrower.
For "Road Credit" must submit the following documents:
  • Certificate of employment on wages for the current 12 months of each guarantor;
  • Help with the National Center for Clinical Psychiatry;
  • Proof of residence of the borrower;
  • Copy of passport: 2 guarantors and of the borrower.
Detailed advice on issues of "Road loan" and its repayment can be obtained from the offices of "Tojiksodirotbank" (Tajikistan), as well as by calling for inquiries: +992 (44) 600-40-50, 992 (44) 600-40-52, +992 (44) 600-40-43.
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