Pawn credit

Pawn credit - another version of consumer credit issued under the guarantee of wealth. OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" offers you a collateral loan, the benefits of which are short terms of processing the loan and low interest rates.

Who can get a pawn credit:

A citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan at the age of 20 years, provided that the period of return on the Lombard loan agreement comes up within 60 years.

Purpose of the loan:

Pawn credit is granted for emergency needs, for activities, for treatment, tourism, etc. Pawn credit is granted the Bank the place of registration of the Borrower.

Where can I get the Lombard loan:
  • The head office of the Bank Street. Bekhzod d.47;
  • Branch in the city of Kurgan-Tube, ul. Mirzokadyrovoy E.3, 3a;
  • Branch in Tursunzade Str. Tolstoy 12;
  • Branch in Khujand, ul. Lenin 85a;
  • Branch in Istaravshan, village Guli Surkh, consumer union building, 2nd floor;
  • Kulob branch, ul. Somoni, 21
Special conditions:

At the time of registration of the Borrower loan term can not exceed the term of registration

Term of Loan: Up to 3 months

Loan currency: TJS / USD

Interest rate:
  • 20 days - 0.5%
  • 30 days - 0.4%
  • 60 days - 0.3%
  • 90 days - 0.2%
Service fee: $ 15.

The amount of collateral credit (credit limit):

Determined in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Bank based on the creditworthiness of the borrower, but can not exceed 2 thousand. USD (or equivalent amount in TJS).

The procedure for granting and issuing pawn credit

After completing and signing of loan documents, credit is granted by issuing a single through the cashier cash.

Repayment of the pawn credit and interest

Payment of interest on a monthly basis or at the end of the loan term. Repayment of principal during the term of the loan or at the end of the loan term.
Note: for early repayment of the loan, the interest shall be recovered for the actually used the term of the loan.
Term of consideration of the provision of collateral credit:

Not more than 1 business day after the submission by the Borrower of a full package of documents required for the loan.
Documents required for collateral credit:
  1. Copy of passport with a sheet of place of residence;
  2. Earnings statement, if the client is running;
  3. Certificate of registration with the tax authorities (TIN);
  4. Jewels of precious metal - gold.
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