Mortgage credit

OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" giving priority to mortgage lending, making sure that the mortgage was not burdensome to you. First you get an apartment, and only then pay the mortgage. You can get a mortgage for up to 5 years for the purchase of an apartment or an individual house.

Benefits of Mortgage Lending "Tojiksodirotbank":
  1. Rate - 25% per annum;
  2. No restrictions when choosing an apartment;
  3. You get the opportunity to immediately move into their own homes, for which payment is being implemented gradually over 5 years;
  4. Your family members are able to create in the purchased housing.
The main conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan:
  1. Job in Dushanbe or regions based on the location of the branches of the Bank;
  2. The availability of sufficient total family income to repay the loan;
  3. Presence of own funds necessary to make an initial payment when buying an apartment or an individual house on credit - not less than 40% of the value of the acquired property.
Documentation required:
  1. Application form for granting a mortgage loan (to be completed after the interview with an employee of the Bank and prior decision);
  2. A copy of the applicant's passport and the guarantor;
  3. Help with the address of the applicant and guarantor of the table;
  4. Letter from the employer indicating salary (at least 6 months);
  5. A copy of the work book / employment contract (contract) the applicant and guarantor;
  6. Help with the mental hospital on the capacity of the applicant and guarantor;
  7. VAT number of the applicant and guarantor;
  8. Contract of guarantee furnished by a notary;
  9. Insurance policy of insurance against accidents applicant and guarantor;
  10. Help with the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (address: N. Karabaeva 48).
  11. Help with Tax Inspectorate on absence of taxes on the acquired property;
  12. Help MBTI for the sales contract / agreement, collateral;
  13. Help from the notary that the acquired property is not sold, is not presented in dispute and banned / arrest is not a member;
  14. Copies of the contract of sale apartments, technical passport, house book.
  15. Originals payments for all utilities;
  16. Photos of the borrower and the guarantor (2x3).
Residents of the regions of Tajikistan may know more about the conditions of mortgage lending in the Bank's branches.
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