Consumer credit

Consumer credit - it's financial capacity to implement any of your plans. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can buy today, tomorrow it will be more expensive.

Who can obtain a consumer credit?

A citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan at the age of 20 years, provided that the period of return of consumer credit under the contract comes up within 60 years.

What can I buy?

Consumer credit is available for the purchase of audio, video, home appliances, furniture, building materials and other consumer goods, online trade organizations engaged in their implementation, the Bank entered into a cooperation agreement on the program of consumer lending citizens. Consumer credit issued by the Bank at the place of registration of the Borrower.

Where can I obtain a consumer credit?
  • Dushanbe - the head office of the Bank Street. Bekhzod d.47,
  • Kurgan-Tube, ul. Mirzokadyrovoy E.3,
  • Tursun-Zade, ul. Tolstoy 12
  • Khujand, st. Lenin 85a,
  • Istaravshan, village Guli Surkh, consumer union building, 2nd floor,
  • Kulyab, ul. Somoni, 21.
Warning - if temporary registration Borrower loan term can not exceed the period of registration.

Term of Loan:

Furniture - less than 2 years;
For other types of products - not more than 1 year.

Loan currency:


The interest rate on secured loans:

In TJS - 30% per annum.

Fee for service Consumer Credit:

0 TJS.

The amount of consumer credit (credit limit):

Determined in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Bank based on the creditworthiness of the borrower, but can not exceed 5 th. US dollars (equivalent in Somoni).

Attention. Mandatory requirements for borrowers:

The presence of Borrower's own funds in the form of an initial payment of at least 10 percent of the cost of purchased (s) of product (s).

The order of the Consumer Credit:

Provided by a single issue, but always with a phased monthly repayment according to loan amortization schedule developed by loan officers.

Repayment of consumer credit and payment of interest due to its use:

Repayment of principal and payment of interest on a monthly basis. Interest payment is made simultaneously with the repayment of principal in accordance with the schedule of amortization.

Attention. In case of early repayment of the loan, the interest shall be collected at the rate specified in the loan amortization schedule as for the entire useful life of the loan.

Term of consideration of the provision of consumer credit:

Not more than 1 business day after the submission by the Borrower of a full package of documents required for the loan.

List of necessary documents for obtaining consumer credit:
  • copy of passport with a sheet of place of residence;
  • information form about yourself and relatives;
  • certificate of registration with the tax authorities (TIN) or a certificate INS;
  • invoice for the goods to the store;
  • information on the net annual earnings, consumption, work experience;
  • third party guarantee for consumer credit;
  • warranty organization where the Borrower, certified accountant; jewelry precious metal (gold).
  • jewelry of precious metal (gold).
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