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POS-terminal - a terminal software and hardware used for cashless payments by plastic cards. POS-terminal - Point Of Sale. Unlike cash register POS-terminal allows to accumulate data for later analysis, such as frequently purchased items and how often. 

How dose POS-terminal work 
Cashier places or holds the card through the reader, POS-terminal reads the information, requests authorization. After confirmation by the client authentication (entering the correct PIN code) POS-terminal automatically prints and draw a check. Simultaneously transmit data on transactions in the processing center. 
Payments POS-terminal enables to accept international credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard. This allows you to seriously shorten the payment transactions. 

Benefits of using POS-terminals: 
  • automation and accounting process of receiving payments; 
  • enchasment is not required, since you dont use cash; 
  • protects the cashier from making counterfeit money; 
  • provides increased sales (customer easier refers to unplanned purchases); 
  • eliminates the possibility of error when calculating the cashier to the customer. 
POS-terminals are two of kinds. Stationary and mobile.

Our terms and conditions

Installation and delivery of the devices* Free
Opening an account in our bank* Free
Bank commission per transaction* 2%
Cash withdrawal commission 0,5%
Opening corporate card tied to your account 12$
Activation of SMS notification service Free

* If the company does not have a fixed line connection, you can install our mobile POS-terminal. 
* It is possible to anchor our POS-terminal to the account of another bank.
* Depending on the speed of the interest rate may range from 0.5% to 2%.
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