Safety service

OJSC  «Tojiksodirotbonk» offers services on saving money, jewelry, securities and other property  in individual safe cells. 

By leaving valuables in our bank, you have not to worry about their safety. Our bank is equipped with modern security systems, and our safe vaults have high level of protection.

Safe and safe cells have individual numbers and are equipped with special lock with two different keys. One key is given to clients. The second one is saved in the bank. Opening and closing safe is done only jointly with the bank and client. Safe cells are placed in special safe vaults, access to which is strictly limited. 

To become owner of a individual safe is possible after signing lease contract with the bank:
  • The right to use individual safe is provided on the basis of contract;
  • The lease contract of individual safe is made in 2 copies with the availability of passport, with a compulsory record of domiciliary;
  • For execution of the lease of individual safe you need to make contract and pay in fees, which depends on the rent term;
  • Within the rent term, client has access to ther safe during banks work days and can withdraw or put  in additional valuables without additional fees;
  • Client on the basis of notarially prepared guarantee can give the right for the safe use to a second person, and make testamentary disposition;
  • Bank is responsible for the safe’s integrity, guarantees safety of the valuables kept in safe and provides secrecy of the content;
  • Inform clients about excluding to keep highly inflammable, explosive, radioactive, toxic and narcotic materials, weapons - without providing permit on the right of keeping and carrying it, and also other objects, which are prohibited by the legislature of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Our bank guarantees absolute safety of your valuables, unlimited access during banks work days, as well as absolute secrecy of the safe content and its owner.
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