Salary project

The scheme of payment of wages by using "salary" cards - this is a special mechanism that allows an organization to pay salaries, bonuses, benefits, travel and other staff listing the most simple, fast and reliable way. Employees of the organization to open a bank account to which cards are issued.

Accountant calculates wages and without leaving the office, on the "Client-Bank" (it is possible, and a traditional paper document) sends a payment order and credited to a special registry card accounts of employees of the enterprise, open a bank account. In this work the accounting of wages ends, then the Bank operates.
Employees of companies using bank cards, open to their card accounts may receive a salary and other payments at any convenient time in ATMs and cash, as well as pay for goods and services.

With corporate accounts (companies) salary is transferred to the card accounts of employees. Card accounts are maintained in foreign currency - US dollars. Enrollment from the account on a card accounts can be made both in local currency and in any other currency (in this case, the bank will make the conversion rate on bank sales of foreign currency).
Getting cash from ATMs of the bank as possible in the national currency - Somoni, and in US dollars.
When traveling abroad the card holder is able to obtain cash in the currency of the host country. Cash on maps are not to be declared at border crossings.

The advantages of using "salary" projects
  • Payment of wages through the card is a kind of non-cash payment of wages, so the basic meaning of the scheme - to minimize the cash turnover in the organization. This in turn means
  • Reducing labor accounting department and cashiers, and the costs that are associated with obtaining's cash in the bank and delivery of cash balances, cash transport, conversion, storage and delivery of funds;
  • Reducing the load on the accounting and enterprise cash reduction of cash transactions accounting;
  • Simplifying the procedure for drawing up the cash plan;
  • The issue of cash discipline and adherence to limit the cash register. The company does not issue cash, there is no need to collect money under the salary;
  • Minimizing the risks associated with the storage of cash on hand;
  • No need for the deposit of uncollected funds;
  • Privacy wages (less staff aware of the size of payments);
  • When traveling employees on business trips abroad, possible crediting of the amount of travel funds at stake in the national currency, and getting them abroad in the currency of the host country.
Card - a tool of differential treatment of staff motivation and management tool. Type of issued cards (Electron, Classic or Gold) can accentuate place the employee in the job hierarchy, the credibility of the employee, the life of the company, etc.

Benefits of "salary" cards for employees
In implementing the "salary" projects the company's employees not only carry any material or moral losses, but they also receive a number of benefits:
  • Employee avoid having to stand in line at the box office in the days of salary;
  • The employee does not suffer from the deposit of funds, if it is on sick leave, on a business trip or for any reason, is absent from work on the day of payment of wages. Wages can get "anytime, anywhere". Bank ATMs are working 7 days a week, some of them - around the clock. Receipt of funds is considered possible at any ATM or cash points around the world;
  • Individuals are the rightful owners of their accounts, they are completely managing the funds on the card account and have the opportunity to recharge their own funds (for example, to use the card abroad during holidays, business trips);
  • The employee has the opportunity to receive cash in the currency at will (Somoni or US dollars);
  • Plastic cards are accepted in major shopping centers of the city, the network card acceptance for payment is constantly expanding.
Security card operations
International payment systems must meet strict requirements to ensure the safety of its card operations and implementation of settlements on them. JSC "Todzhiksodirotbonk", being an official member of the international payment systems (Associate Member of VISA International, Principal Member STB), fulfills all the requirements for the calculations on the cards. Operations with plastic cards, characterized by security, reliability and speed of banking operations. Save money on the map guaranteed the bank's reputation and world-famous international payment systems.
Types of cards
Commercial Bank "Tojiksodirotbank" offers a salary projects on the basis of all types of plastic cards:
  • VISA Electron, VISA Classic, VISA Gold
  • Maestro, Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold
  • STB Classic, STB Gold


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