Questions (F.A.Q)

1. What basic terms are used at work with bank cards?

Authorization - is a procedure of sanction reception fr om the Issuing bank or other legal entity (for example, processing company), operating on its behalf, to carry out an operation under the bank card. In case, such a sanction is given, the card limit decreases for the amount of operation in view of commission of the bank (if available).

Acquirer - is a credit institute, being the participant of the international payment system and carrying out acquiring.

Acquiring - is an activity connected with granting of services of  cash payment to card holders through a network of ATMs and cash payment desks and reimbursement of funds to the trade and service enterprises on operations made with use of bank cards.

The Issuer - is a credit organization, being the participant of the international payment system and carrying out issue of bank cards.

Issue - is an activity on issue of bank cards, opening of accounts and settlement-cash servicing at carrying out of operations with use of the bank cards.

The operations report with a card (cards) / the Report under the card account  -  is a  document made  by «Tojiksodirotbank», which reflects all operations under the card (cards) for the accounting period.

The account of a bank card (the card account ) -  is a personal account of the physical person in a division of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank " and for the accounting of operations made with use of personal cards, issued to this account.

Expenses(Account) limit - a limit of funds’ expense of the card, fixed within the limits of the remainder of money  on the banking card account (for debit cards), or within the limits of the amount of the rest of funds on the bank card account and the size of the credit granted by «Tojiksodirotbank» (for debit cards with overdraft), or within the limits of the credit line given by the issuing bank (for credit cards). Under a corporate card the account lim it is fixed by the Enterprise.

The insurance account - is a  special bank account intended for guaranteed execution of payments under the bank card (cards), and also for repayment of the credit and its interests.

PIN code - is a personal identification number.

The checking information - is a key word for the subsequent identification of the card holder.

2. I have forgotten the checking information.

You should apply to the plastic cards department of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank to submit the application for a change of the checking information (the passport should be presented)".

Attention! The Checking information specified by you in your last application for a  change of the checking information will operate for all cards which have been issued by OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank " in your name (including the Additional cards which have been issued in your name to the accounts of other basic card holders of the Bank).

3. How to replenish the card account from other city, other country?

To replenish the card account from other city (other country) is possible by transfer from other branches of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank " acting in the territory of  RT, or other banks and organizations transferring money . For correct registration of transfer, you need to specify precisely requisites of  the bank (Bank details), in which one your card account is opened, and the number of the card account. You can receive requisites (bank details) for transferring  (in foreign and national currency) in plastic cards  department of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank".

4. Who, except the basic card holder can replenish the bank card account?

Replenishment of the bank card account can be made in cash and non-cash by holder of the additional card which have been issued to this account, or by other person. In this case ,the power of attorney or other documents for replenishing of the card account is not required. To replenish the card account in cash,  it is necessary to know the Name of the card  holder.The replenishment of the card account in cash is made only in the plastic cards department of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank ",Behzod str.,47 (2 floor).

For non-cash replenishing of the card account , you need to know bank details of OJSC" Tojiksodirotbank "in which the card account  is opened, then to inform these data to the persons who are carrying out money transfer to your account. This information may be presented  to you by plastic cards devision of OJSC" Tojiksodirotbank”. And also in our branches.

Contact phone: +992(44) 600-40-40

5. How long will it take from the moment of salary accounting at the enterprise until receiving of Salary by a card?

Money (coming to the account as a salary) become accessible to the card holder not later than 3 hours, from the moment of receipt of funds from the Enterprise and also the payroll about transfer of the salary into the card accounts of the Enterprise’s employees to the plastic cards department of  OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank".

6. How to receive the information concerning operations under the bank card?

To receive the information on operations under a bank card, you should apply to the  plastic cards department of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank ". The extract under the account in a printed form will be given to you. The document proving the identity will be required.

You can also receive the information on all operations under the bank card by e-mail:

or by fax +992(37) 221-57-88.

Attention! The checking information specified by you in the last application is requested.

7. What should I do, if in the report under the card account I have found out the operations regarding sums that have been written off from my account and these operations have not been carried out by me?

You  should submit the application  to the plastic cards department of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank ", in which one the card account is opened, and also the written application for disputable transaction, the application in the free form with a statement of reasons of contest of operation and its circumstances . If you are abroad, the application for disputable transaction may be sent  by fax nr.+992(37) 221-57-88, or by e-mail. In the message , you should specify a number of your card: your First name and last name and contact phone, and also a place of carrying out of operation (the country, city), the name of a point of sale and  service , card number, date, the sum and currency of operation, the reason of contest.

8. What cards of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" can be used for payment of goods and services in Internet network?

For now:

  • Visa Virtual
  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Gold
  • Visa Platinum
  • Mastercard Standart
  • Mastercard Gold

9. Are there any restrictions on cash payment under the international bank cards of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank"?

All cards of the OJSC «Tojiksodirotbank» have standard daytime limit on cards to withdraw cash (ATM, POS-terminal), and at paying for purchasing and services.

CardsATMPOS - terminal
Visa Electron500$ 1000$ 
Visa Classic600$2000$ 
Visa Gold2000$ 4000$

Off site banks can limit the amount of issued cash by card: 
•  at availability of one operation in ATM;
•  during a day in one bank office. 

At conducting operation of issuing cash at banks’ checkout counters and at centers of issuing cash of the OJSC «Tojiksodirotbonk», it is required additionally check personal information of the card holder (passport, address, registration/residence permit) with the aim of avoiding fraudulent operations of cards.

10. What should be undertaken, if I change a surname, the passport, the address of registration/residence, contact phone?

According to Conditions of use of the cards you are obliged to inform a plastic cards department about  change of your personal data in due time. At change of a surname, you should reissue a card, having applied to the plastic cards department of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank".

11. How to close the account of a card including in case I cannot arrive to city in a place of opening of the account?

The card holder can submit an application for closing of the card account  to plastic cards  department of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank" by fax nr.: +992(37) 221-57-88 or by e-mail.

Thus, the card holder is obliged to hand over a card (including additional cards if they have been issued to the account) or to issue the Application for loss of a card (under each of not handed over cards which have been issued to the account).

If the card holder intends to receive the rest of funds under the account, not in a place of conducting the card account, the application for transfer of deposit in the form set by Tojiksodirotbank should be issued. Money transfer from the card holder account is made according to rules and tariffs.

12. What should I do if I have found the card issued by OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank"?

Please do not try to use it, call to the bank by phone nr. +992(44) 600-40-40  or hand it over to plastic cards department of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank".

13. What should I do if I have lost a card?

In case of loss of the card you need to inform about it to the bank immediately by phones +992(44) 600-40-40 / 600-40-63, 600-40-64  to  block your card.

For reissue of the card  you  need to apply to plastic cards department of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank ". If the card belongs to a payroll project to restore the card, customer must turn to their accounts.

Attention! If the lost card will be found, it is not allowed to use it.  You need to inform about it  by phone nr. +992(44) 600-40-40. 

14. How should I act, if the PIN CODE of my card became known to the strange person?

First of all, you need to suspend your card’s action urgently, and then to write the application on regeneration of the PIN code. Either you can change your PIN via our ATMs.

15. What should I do, if the ATM does not return a card?

First of all, watch the information on the screen of the ATM attentively. As a rule, the ATM returns a card within 1 minute. In some cases (delays in the communication system, etc.) the time can take up to 5 minutes. If the ATM has not given out you a card during this time, you need to apply to the bank where the ATM is placed, and to inform about card capture by the ATM.

16. What should I do, if I have lost a card abroad?

You need to suspend your card’s action as soon as possible and write the application on reissue of a card.

17. Where can I learn the addresses of ATMs and cash payment desks of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank"?

You can find the information about addresses of ATMs and  cash payment desks on a website of OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank " (, and also in the plastic cards department by phone nrs: +992(44) 600-40-40, 600-40-63, 600-40 

18. Where can I learn conditions of use of the international bank cards of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank " and to receive the information on tariffs?

You can find the information on Conditions of use of bank cards on a website of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" in section “ payment cards ”, in the description of a card interesting you and also in the plastic cards  department of  OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank ".

19. What commission is charged for withdrawal of cash under a card of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" in a foreign bank?

At carrying out of operation on withdrawal of cash

Receiving cash at ATM
Visa Electron1.40%, min $2.75
Visa Classic, Visa Gold1.40%, min $4.50  

Receiving cash at centers for withdrawing cash
Visa Electron1.45%, min $3.85
Visa Classic, Visa Gold2.00%, min $7.75  

20. What commission fee is charged at purchase in trading enterprises and payment of services in the enterprises of service?

At payment of purchases or services under plastic cards of OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" the commission is not charged. The bank gives to the clients an opportunity to make purchases and to pay services under a card in any country of the world, not charging commission for it.

21. Why has a card appeared blocked immediately after its issue?

The issued card can be blocked by the bank with the purpose of exception of an opportunity to carry out an operation under a card before its receipt by a holder.

22. What is a difference between MasterCard and VISA card?

These are cards of different payment systems MasterCard and VISA. In the European countries Visa cards and MasterCard are widespread in an equal measure, but in other regions of the world – Visa cards are mostly used. But in service, for card holders they don’t differ.

23. What is a difference between cards Electron/Classic/Gold?

These are cards of different kinds and intended for clients of different categories. Standard card Electron/Classic is intended for a wide sections of the population, and Gold card is intended for the most wealthy clients. The registration of Gold card is more expensive than a registration of Electron/Classic card.

24. What is a difference between electronic debit card and credit?

Debit cards enable the client to conduct operations within the limits of the rest of money on card accounts.

Under a credit card at conducting of card operation, in case of lack of own money on card accounts the use of loan given by the Bank is possible.

25. Can the employee of the Organization which have concluded the salary contract with a bank, reserve the right of using a salary card in case of dismissal from the Organization?

Yes, he/she can. For this purpose, it is necessary to write an appropriate application for alteration in a database of card system. The client must go to the bank and renew the card with the payroll project for a private card.

26. Is it possible to transfer money from my card on the card account of other person?

It is possible, for this purpose,  it is necessary to fill in the application for transfer, or make a transfer through our ATM from card to card.

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