Internet bank

If you value your time, if you have no time to stand in line, if you like the convenience and comfort, the "Internet Banking" - the perfect solution for you.
JSC "Tojiksodirotbank" offers remote banking system "Internet Banking", providing full banking services via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

"Internet Banking" - an opportunity to make transactions with their accounts opened in OAO "Tojiksodirotbank" without visiting our office and forget about queues at the ticket offices and settlement of other organizations.
With the help of the "Internet Banking" you can make your life more comfortable:
  • Receive information about the balance of funds in the bank account;
  • Receive a statement of cash flows of the bank account;
  • Receive information on available credits, as well as information on the accrued interest for the loan;
  • Repay credits;
  • Make money transfers in foreign currency and TJS;
Make a simple service:
  • You should apply to any branch of the bank and sign a contract for connection to the system, as well as get acquainted Terms of service;
  • You are provided with OTP generator to generate one-time keys, which replaces the digital signature.


One-time fee for registration in the system, providing a single generator OTP ActivIdentity and training officer responsible customer250 TJS
Providing each additional generator OTP ActivIdentity or his replacement at the request of the client200 TJS
Monthly fee for service with the use of Internet Bank (held on the last working day of the month)50 TJS
Repeated training officer responsible customer50 TJS

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