Operations of foreign currency

Individual approach to each client allows high-level accompany all banking operations, selecting the best financial instruments transactions, reducing risks and reducing costs, allowing problems that arise in real-time.

Opening and maintaining foreign currency accounts:
  1. Opening and maintaining foreign currency accounts for residents;
  2. Opening and maintenance of foreign exchange and other accounts for non-residents;
  3. Accounts in foreign currency by transferring foreign exchange earnings on current accounts, their transfer and use in accordance with applicable law;
  4. Providing customers with statements on foreign currency accounts upon completion of transactions, the implementation of requests for alleged transfer of the sum in favor of the Client and other information on currency transactions;
  5. Provision of reference materials on transactions made in foreign currency;
  6. Implementation of postal and telecommunication services in the course of foreign exchange transactions
Purchases and sales of foreign currency

Buying and selling currencies on behalf of clients:
  • In the interbank market;
  • Within the Bank under bilateral deals on contract rate.
Currency bought on bilateral trade, as well as revenue from the sale of TJS currency funds are credited on the day of the transaction:
  • Payment of import contracts at the date of acquisition currency.
  • Provide information to clients perfect purchase and sale transactions of foreign currency
Operations with foreign currency:
  1. Receiving and issuing cash foreign currency in the prescribed manner;
  2. Delivery of foreign currency cash and payment documents through the collection service;
  3. Receipt and exchange of non-payment of bills. Examination of banknotes
Exchange control

All foreign exchange transactions are carried out in accordance with the currency legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Bank is constantly expanding the range of services offered under the support of foreign trade activities of clients:
  • promptly inform you of any changes in the currency legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • assisting to resolve the issues with the NBT;
  • provides advice and recommendations on the procedure of currency transactions.
Main areas:
  1. Examination of foreign trade contracts;
  2. Confirmation of 100% advance payment for the export of cotton fiber. cotton products (base NBT Resolution №466 from December 19, 2008 "The Gift Borai boetibor donistani Tartibi ba Rasmah darovardani Shanosnomai muomiloti (CMM) Sodirot mahsuloti buttermilk al Taraf bonkhoi hizmatrason. 3123"), and others. goods.
  3. Control operations related to the transfer of foreign currency outside the Republic of Tajikistan;
  4. Opening and maintenance of special accounts;
  5. Backup clients' funds on foreign currency transactions
For clients engaged in foreign trade, the Bank offers:
  1. Information about changes in the area of currency regulation;
  2. Advising on the preparation of foreign economic contract;
  3. Clearance required for Foreign Economic Affairs of documents, including currency control documents;
  4. Different types of information support on all issues of conducting foreign trade activities, including the provision of materials for the foreign exchange control on electronic media (CD-ROMs), (forms of payment documents, documents of foreign exchange controls, regulations on currency legislation);
  5. Control the timing of customer documents exchange controls and currency operations on customer accounts in order to prevent violations of currency legislation;
  6. Development of recommendations to minimize risks for importers and exporters,
  7. VIP customer service.
Term deposits:
  • Opening of term deposits for a period of 6 months to 3 years;
  • Interest rates depend on the amount of invested funds
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