Credits for corporate clients

OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" considering loan applications from businesses of all sectors of the economy. The Bank provides loan products in local and foreign currency.

Types of credit products offered:
  1. Credit
  2. Line of credit
  3. Express credit
  4. Overdraft
  5. Lease
  6. Syndicated loans
  7. Bank guarantee in favor of third parties
Guarantees the proper execution of contracts:
  1. Advance payment guarantee
  2. Tender guarantees
  3. Guarantees in favor of customs authorities
  4. Guarantee payment of excise duty
  5. Guarantees in favor of air carriers
Purpose of loan products:
  1. Financing of short-term cash shortages
  2. The increase in turnover
  3. The increase in working capital
  4. Implementation of capital expenditure (expansion, modernization, modernization of existing facilities)
  5. Other objects
In order to reduce the expenses of the borrower to service the credit transaction, in the process of reviewing loan applications, we provide the necessary advice to optimize the parameters of the transaction.

Terms of credit products:
  1. From 1 to 12 months (short)
  2. From 12 to 24 months (medium-term)
  3. More than 24 months (long-term) - Leasing
OJSC "Tojiksodirotbank" takes into account the distinctive features of the production cycle, the conditions arising from the agreements and contracts, billing records of the Borrower in the timing of the use of credit resources of the bank. Terms of loan products also depend on the borrower's creditworthiness and credit purposes.

Interest rates on credit products provided: rates on credit products are set individually, depending on the following factors: amount, term, currency loan product.

Requirements for potential borrowers
  1. The borrower must have real assets and equity
  2. The borrower must have an existing system of production, market and product sales system
  3. The borrower must have a clear business momentum pass through bank accounts.
  4. The borrower must have a stable, promising and growing business.
As collateral for the loans made, we consider:
  1. Sureties (secured)
  2. Guarantees (the Bank)
  3. Mortgages
  • Real estate and fixed assets
  • Inventories and Raw Materials
  • Deposits placed with the Bank
  • Securities
The amount of the appraised value of collateral should cover the amount of the loan and interest for the period in the ratio 2/1.
Loan products are provided to customers according to their location

Documents required for consideration of granting the loan product available in the main office or the branches of "Tojiksodirotbank".
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