Settlement and cash services

OJSC " Tojiksodirotbank " offers services on opening and service of settlement, current, deposit accounts, and also other services in somoni and in foreign currency. We also provide advanced bank technologies like S.W.I.F.T. and "Client-bank". 

Settlement services:
  • Money transfer  in somoni and foreign currency; 
  • Payment reception on the client account - from physical persons to legal persons;
  • Converting money; 
  • Service of export and import operations; 
  • Documentary operations; 
Cash services:
  • Cash withdrawal from the account;
  • Cash deposit to the account;
  • Recalculation of notes and a metal coin; 
  • Money exchange; 
  • Examination of authenticity of money in foreign currency (commission is charged) 
  • Encashment services 
In operational cash desks of our bank the following operations are carried out:
  • Purchase-sale of the cash foreign currency for cash somoni (US dollars, euro); 
  • Reception of bank notes of the foreign states for examination, authenticity of which raises doubts;
  • Operation on exchange of payment banknote; 
  • Payment of cash foreign currency/cash somoni under debit and to credit cards

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